Vessel Loft

Vessel Loft Common Work Area
Vessel Loft Front Office Space
Vessel Loft Master Office Space
Vessel Loft Common Area Side View
Vessel Loft Wood Beam Detail
Vessel Loft Kitchen
Vessel Loft Kitchen & Bar

"Mr. Chong's clients, Tim Thompson and Matthew Campbell, were inspired by homes they have seen in other cities. In particular, the couple admired the many brick-and-beam warehouses in Old Montreal that have been turned into apartments - and set out to find one in their home town. "In Montreal, these spaces are like pigeons," says Mr. Thompson, a banker. "But we can't live in Montreal, so we said, 'Let's replicate that here.'"

In 2007 they bought a top-floor, corner unit in a condo building near St. Lawrence Market, one of the few developments in Toronto that deserves its billing as lofts. Built in 1915 as the factory for an optical company , it was converted in the late nineties and given a conventional, cheaply built condo interior. The couple had big plans for the space; They bought the apartment next door at the same time, and sought an architect to combine them into one, 2,350-square-foot home." full article (here)

- Alex Bozikovic (Globe & Mail)

Architect: Donald Chong Studio

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photography: Bob Gundu/10 Frame Handles

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