Tao Sangha Healing Centre

Tao Sangha Healing Centre Exterior Front Entrance
Tao Sangha Healing Centre Interior Reception Desk

"Nestled in an infill site in an 1800’s West End Toronto neighbourhood, the Tao Sangha Center creates a place of healing through the holistic art of Tao Shiatsu. Rooted in the marriage of the Asian philosophy of the Tao and the Japanese healing treatment of Shiatsu massage, the warm, hand-crafted spaces of the project resonate with the ancient practice, and mirror the tactile art they embody. Following time-honored design principles of harmony and balance, the building further soothes the rough and scarred composition of the adjacent urban datum. The inviting layers of wood and glass of varying translucency create a lustrous lantern to illuminate the historic city fabric, and to uplift the entire street."

- dkstudio

Tao Sangha Healing Centre Interior Tea Ceremony
Tao Sangha Healing Centre Tao Exterior Front Night Shot

Architect: dkstudio

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Photography: Larry Arnal & Dmytriy Pereklita

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