Port Hope

Port Hope Exterior Front
Port Hope Exterior Reflection Pool
Port Hope Exterior Front Entrance
Port Hope Exterior Side
Port Hope Interior Living Room
Port Hope Interior Master Bedroom
Port Hope Interior Fireplace
Port Hope Interior Kicthen
Port Hope Interior Master Bathroom
Port Hope Interior 2nd Floor Staircase
Port Hope Exterior Backyard Night Shot
Port Hope Interior 3rd Floor Staircase
Port Hope Exterior Side Rear

"Located on the outskirts of Port Hope, this private residence slopes southward across farmland, interrupted briefly by a dense woodlot, and overlooks Lake Ontario from atop a 75-foot cliff. The shape and circulation of the home are informed by the natural surroundings and striking views. The organic slender structure ascends from the ground and projects towards the lake, growing in breadth and height before cantilevering over the dramatic edge. As the form shifts and separates, the interior spaces fill with light through clerestory windows."

- Teeple Architects

Architect: Teeple Architects

Location: Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

Photographer: Scott Norsworthy

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